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Think of Agnes as the new Ann Landers for the agriculture world. Send in your own farming foibles, marketing mysteries or personal predicaments to this approachable and amusing agony aunt, and receive thoughtful advice from Agnes and her guest experts.

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EPISODE 2 Proud Ag Dad & Dating Desert

  • Mar 21, 2019
Agnes tackles two of everyone's biggest life dilemmas -- choosing a career path (a question from Proud Ag Dad) and finding a romantic partner (a question from Dating Desert). Thanks to Kerry Sullivan who helps with her ag recruiting expertise, and to Jenny Sauer who weighs in with her online dating experiences.


EPISODE 1 Wedding Travel Blues & Sick Of The Sales Pitches

  • Mar 3, 2019
Agnes kicks off her podcast by answering two questions -- first, an interpersonal one from a wife who needs to skip a couple days of harvest, then, a marketing question: should farmers be using futures and options? Thanks to guest expert Dr. Andrew McKenzie and thanks for voice work by Mike Pearson and Delaney Howell from Ag News Daily!