Girls Talk Ag

Girls Talk Ag features Angie Setzer, a grain trader and market analyst, Jennifer Campbell a passionate advocate for agriculture and farmer, and Karen Corrigan an independent agronomist and business owner. With their perfect mix of experience and personality the girls get together every week to discuss what's currently generating buzz in agriculture! Plowing through the manure on-line, not always politically correct but always honest.

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Angie Setzer is a grain merchandiser in the mitten of Michigan. The Goddess of Grain. Mom to the extraordinary Fred. Rescuer of all the animals. Queen of Snark. Meijer’s number one shopper. Has a bachelor degree in something useless to her career. Die hard Lions fan – yes they do exist. Knows more movie quotes and song lyrics than your average grain guru. TV appearances include Market to Market, US Farm Report, and Jenny Jones (maybe).

Jen Campbell is a farmer in Central Indiana. She and her family currently grow corn, soybeans, wheat and cattle in addition to being reformed former hog farmers. Mom of 3 – adult, college aged, and 60 year old man in a teen body. Jen is a 'farmhouse' cook because she lives in a house on a farm. She shares recipes and her life on the farm on her blog FarmWife Feeds. Author of Meet Pete, a children’s book about a challenged calf and his owner caring for him available on Amazon. She excels in chalk art and sarcasm.

Karen Corrigan is an Independent Agronomist and co-owner of McGillicuddy Corrigan Agronomics. She is a Certified Crop Advisor and holds a masters degree in Agronomy - Weed Science (On Wisconsin!). The school of her bachelor degree has no mascot, only excels in golf and tennis (Go Illini!). Karen's domestic capabilities are lacking and her parenting is aided by Amazon Prime and Etsy. Loved the Cubs before it was cool. Mom of 2 children and a dog who continually challenge her sanity. One of the original Hot Mess Moms in Ag.


Karen Corrigan

Jennifer Campbell

Angie Setzer