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Tune in with Clay Conry, a western South Dakota native, as he provides a platform for producers to discuss paradigm challenging practices in the cattle industry.

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Jared Luhman is host of the great Herd Quitter podcast. He and his family are cooperative producers for Pharo Cattle Co. in Southeast Minnesota. We talk about the economic challenges of ranching on very valuable land as well as the unique ways they have found to overcome those challenges.

In this solo episode I discuss four Red Pills for Ranchers. These are ideas that have been challenging my thinking frequently over the last few months.

Dan Rasmussen, an educator with the South Dakota Grasslands Coalition, joined me to talk about the process of change he has led on his family's 33 Ranch in Mellette County, SD. We talk about what got him started making changes, how to decide where to start making changes, and what the future looks like at the 33 Ranch.

A while back Steve Campbell suggested that I should collect advice for the next generation from past guests. So I did. I reached out to some past guests and asked them to share their 1-2 minutes of advice for past guests. For a full listing of those who called in visit Thanks for listening and all the support over the years. Here's to the next 250, Lord willing.

Bart Carmichael of Wedge Tent Angus Ranch North of Faith, SD welcomed me to the family ranch headquarters for a discussion about increasing diversity. We talk about the role of "weeds" and "pests" and how they have gone about increasing the diversity of the species composistion on their ranch.

Sam Newell is a Ranch Manager in Florida. He joined me to discuss some of his favorite resources for managing people. We talk about how to understand employees as well as how to understand yourself better so that you can avoid making management mistakes in the way you handle blocked expectations.

Jaime Elizondo of Real Wealth Ranching joined me to talk about what it means to generate real wealth in ranching. We talk about developing a Total Grazing Program, Optimum Calving Season, Adapted Genetics, and Nutrition.

Damon Printz of Tank Toad joined me to talk about the process of research and development for a remote tank monitoring system called Tank Toad. We cover the history as well as the different use cases for the Tank Toad a versatile system capable of more than just telling you how much water is in your most remote tank.

Tom Williams has been running the Chappell Feedlot in Chappell, Nebraska for more than 30 years. I sat down with him and Doug Gillham to discuss some of the things that the Cow/Calf sector can learn from the Feedlot sector. We talk about vaccination programs, grade and yield considerations, and the importance of low-stress handling.

Will Winter DVM is a veternarian and holistic livestock health advocate. He has spent years lecturing and writing on the subject of optimizing herd health using all natural resources.