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Tune in with Clay Conry, a western South Dakota native, as he provides a platform for producers to discuss paradigm challenging practices in the cattle industry.

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Michelle Patten, of Patten Bookkeeping Services, joined me to discuss the ins and outs of having someone else take over some or all of your bookkeeping. We talk about the real costs associated with it as well as some of the benefits of getting good financial information in a timely manner.

Josh Dukart is a Holistic Management Educator and Rancher from Hazen, ND. He keeps a full schedule of coaching and facilitation opportunities teaching people to ask the right questions to help take their business to the next level. One such exercise on his own operation led him to start keeping track of his "To-Don't" List.

Gabe Brown, of Brown's Ranch in Bismarck, ND, joined me to talk about what they are doing to develop heifers that can perform in their environment. We talk about different ways of getting animals into the herd as well as different ways to market animals that fall out of the herd.

Dallas Mount, CEO of the Ranch Management Consultants purveyors of the Ranching For Profit School among other things, joined me to discuss the idea of Working on the Business as opposed to Working in the Business. We talk about what it takes to run an efficient and effective meeting as well as some reasonable expectations for frequency and what can be accomplished in such a meeting.

Glenn Elzinga of Alderspring Ranch in May, ID joined me to discuss his pioneering work with what he calls "inherding." They have been experiencing multi-faceted benefits as a result this paradigm challenging practice.Amazon Wishlist:Working Cows Podcast

Marcos Jeffers of Jeffers Cattle Co. joined me to discuss how they have been steadily increasing their stocking rates through increased stock density for more than a decade in the Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico.

Mike Callicrate is a rancher and advocate from Northwest Kansas. He has been a leading voice for fair and competitive markets for over two decades. I asked him to join me to discuss where we are in today's cattle industry and what we can do to avoid losing control of our own operations.Join the Mob:FacebookMeWeLinks Mentioned:Organization for Competitive MarketsMikeCallicrate.comR-CALF USABook Mentioned:Meat Racket by Chris Leonard

I am going solo today to talk about some of my thoughts after attending Wally Olson's Marketing school. I also talk about a couple upcoming events and plans for the podcast and it's community.

Brian Alexander is a grazier from central Kansas. He has recently embarked on a strip grazing experiment. Brian joined me to discuss what he knows about this experiment on the heels of the livestock leaving his ranch.

Dave Pratt, President Emeritus of Ranch Management Consultants, joined me to talk about the lengths to which people will go to avoid paying taxes. We talk about strategies for using that same capital to turn a bigger profit and what is the definition of a truly healthy business. I also had a unique opportunity to capture Dave's thoughts on lessons he has learned in two plus decades of leading RMC, the parent company of the Ranching for Profit school.