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Tune in with Clay Conry, a western South Dakota native, as he provides a platform for producers to discuss paradigm challenging practices in the cattle industry.

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Nicole Masters is a soil health consultant who has a knack for teaching the function of the complex systems of the soil in a way that connects clearly with those who are listening. She joined me to talk about what our plant community tells us about our soil and what we can do to influence it positively.

Collin Osbourn is the Executive Director of Beefmasters Breeder United. He joined me to talk about how the breed was developed, what the results of that development process were, and how people are putting Beefmasters genetics to work for them.

Brian Alexander, a Rancher from the Red Hills of Kansas joins me to give an update on his strip grazing experiment. We talk about changes in the land, changes in the cattle, and Brian's sense of how the experiment is going so far.

Burke Teichert of Teichert Management and Consulting joined me to discuss the training programs that consistently produce the most well equipped ranch managers. We talk about how future ranch managers can be prepared to lead teams that follow Burke's Five Essentials for a Profitable Ranch.

Morgan Hartman is a seed stock producer, grazier, and Holistic Management educator. He joined me to discuss the process he would go through to get started with Holistic Planned Grazing. Morgan also challenges the paradigms of some of those who are paradigm challengers themselves.

Bob Havard of the Midlands in England joined me to discuss his operation and how they made the shift to year-round grazing. We talk about the challenges his neighbors thought he would have and what those challengers actually were.

Going solo today to talk about asking "Why?" in our ranch businesses. It is important to ask "Why?" if we hope to stay open to new ways of thinking and acting in our ranch businesses, but asking "Why?" can also have other benefits four our ranches, especially as it relates to managing our most important resource, people.

Aaron Berger, a beef specialist with UNL Extension, joins me to discuss his article in the June edition of the BeefWatch Newsletter. We discuss taking a systems approach to considering moving calving season date. Aaron also shares a little about his great companion podcast to the BeefWatch Newsletter, the BeefWatch Podcast.

Steve Kenyon, a Year-Round Grazier himself, joins me to discuss his recently published book "The Calendar of the Year-Round Grazier." We talk about how the lay out of the book and the lay out of the weather in the yearly cycle gives the year-round grazier all the time they need to get ready for a good year of grazing.Show Note for this Episode can be found at

Ken Olson has nearly 40 years of experience studying ruminant animals. Ken joined me to talk about how we can practically manage the nutritional plane of our animals and some of the challenges that different times of year present in maintaining healthy rumen function.